To make a regular income

from Home, has never been easier. 

It's easy! It's legal! It really is fast!

my name is Michelle
. I have three 
wonderful kids. Unfortunately, I had Lost my Husband  
five years ago.
Before the Tragedy I was  
working as a Webdeveloper at a Gaming

Online Casino.
At that time, our life was beautiful and we

had a decent income.
The kids were happy with their dad, who helped them,
played with them and cooked their favorite food.  
And I was glad that I had these

"Mother duties". But the most important thing was  
that we could spend the weekends  
and spend time as a family together.

But then I lost - completely unexpected -  
my life, my love!

New chapter! New life! New Solutions!  

As you surely understand, I had to find a way for my children
to give them everything they needed.
At the same time, of course, I wanted to do so Spend as much time with them as possible. Since I had a great Idea:

Since my time as a web developer, I knew Online games and had already done analyzes on how You can beat roulette games. So I thought to myself, "Why it Not even try it? "

And I tried it out! I began to develop one of the greatest successes of my Life. Today I spend a maximum of 30 minutes at each casino and thanks to my huge profits I could give up my job and work from home.

Why I tell you how I earn my money?

All Simply because there are so many people who live unjustly Treatment. That is why I find that this simple merit method Should be made public everywhere. You must understand that I earn no less just because I help others It just feels good to know that others are a nice one too Live with your family, go on holiday, spend more time with I can not wait to go back to school, to spend time with their children and buy what they want.

There are some important tips before we get started:
Anything that anyone can do !!!

You do not need special skills and skills Do not even need to understand the game rules.

You do not have to do more than follow my instructions.

This is your chance to write a description and send it to us > The system is 100% legal

It's not fraud! The casino will always pay you your winnings within 5 - 7

business days.

Normally, I will raise all   1,000 € Amounts down and leave around 150 € on my casino account so I do not have any Further deposit. My simple bill: I play Daily in 5 casinos

(see bottom)   And a maximum of € 50 per casino for each day.

This results in a total of 250 € per day x 30 =

7,500 € / month I am always there to help you

If you need help, you should write me an e-mail .

And You know now that my children are always in the first place. But I will do my best to answer your questions within 24 hours to answer. Other

I get a lot of encouragement from all over the world - e-mails in which people thank me   for that I have changed their lives. This knowledge gives me strength! Many thanks to all of you!

Now it's real: the system!
Some background information about the system:

I have already told you that I was a web developer in an online gaming company. I noticed that some Casinos are faulty , but NOT ALL !!! I then have analyzes over a number of years.

Believe me, if you want to be successful, you just have to use the casinos that I recommend.

Do not try this method on sites other than those listed below - because it would not work!

The system:

Now I'll explain everything to you.

Knowledge about this method.

I'd like to play either European or

French Roulette.

Let us first put 1 € on   RED.

RED to win   1 € . Then, set 1 €   to BLACK .


If BLACK appears, you will lose your use of   1 € . Then put 2 €   on RED If you lose, stay the same color and double your stake until you win.

For example, if I lost 1 € , then I set 2 €   to RED ; I lose 4 € to RED ; If I lose then, I set   8 € to RED ; However, if I WIN, I change the color and set 1 € to BLACK .

Appears Zero (which is rare), you will lose   1 € . Then set 2 €   to RED until you win and change the color (see step # 2)

Now I explained to you which system is being played. Now come We go to some other important things you should know. You must follow all instructions and complete the page below. Please takw your time!


This is best done by using one of the casinos listed below. By clicking on the corresponding picture - download. Then you can play in   DEMOMODUS , which will not give you any expenses. You can also see the video that I've set up at the bottom of the page . After 10 minutes of practicing you are adequately prepared to earn 100 € per hour.

In a casino 65 €  And, once you have won, in a new casino Where you also make a deposit. I play every day in the casinos and deserve this way 250 € to 300 € on the day. Do not worry, your first deposit of 65 € will prove to be the best investment in your life. Promised !!!

I think you will become a VIP-PLAYER. The Casino will reward you with bonuses and bonuses and maybe you Even call to welcome you. Casino customer service is around the clock available. If you have any problems, you can contact them at any time  - they are only there for you!

Which casinos have been tested and are they suitable for this system?

mentioned,  You should not use any other casinos because the system in "other" Casinos is already known. That is, you would lose before you Have started correctly. You do not need to do any more than one Following pictures - then beckons soon "ADD" income for your family.



Play Roulette at Casino Tropez undefined undefined undefined

 Clicking on a picture will take you directly to the casino homepage. Now you can download the software and join the Casino. Make all the necessary entries and save  your password in a safe place. Because you have user names and passwords  quickly forgotten, you should write it down to access to your casino account. Once you sign up you are asked whether you are in DEMO or REAL mode to play. As already mentioned, you should start in the DEMOMODUS, to practice and to become familiar with the system.

Last instructions:

 Now I describe in detail what you are doing at the beginning. Please read on also if you believe anything To have understood - sure is safe!

1. Click the image of one of the casinos at
2. Download the software.
3.  Sign up and make the necessary personal Information. (Make a note of your password and your username!). 4. Use   DEMOMODUS . 5. Pay with your credit card or electronic wallet 65 €   6. Choose European or French roulette.
7. Set 1 € to one of the colors - you   always with a bet of at most 1 € to one color!
If the selected color appears, put 1 € to the other color.  If the wrong color appears, double the length Use   to the selected color until you win. After that, sit down  Again 1 € to the other color.
10. Play in a casino only Until you have won between € 5 and € 50. Then stop  And do not continue until the next day. Go to 5 casinos from my list This way you can realize the desired winnings.

A sensible strategy to begin with 20% of your deposit; That is, if you have paid 100 €, for example, 20 € profit An acceptable result. That may not be much in your eyes, though Go it slowly - you will have plenty of time to get more

Remember that I am at your disposal,  if you have questions. However, I ask you to re-blog my blog Read before you send me an email. I am convinced that you The answer will find you, for you have all of me Get information that is critical to your success.

Thanksgiving Emails
Since I've already received hundreds of   emails, it's not possible to have
all on this page  
But I would like to thank each of you for the   & friendly messages -  
they encourage me to continue     / Div>
 Have put together some videos here so you can see everything Is really serious. I would not spend my precious time in Invest this blog if I was not sure it would be others

How to play and use the system

Latest tips:
Now it's time for the next season  You know everything. I've given you a simple method to Money. And you will see that it works - by

Think in the long term and do not let yourself be tempted into thinking like "Hey, I can get rich in just one day ..."

  $ 50 daily x 5 casinos x 365 days    Better than 500 € at once to win and everything right back to to lose? You can trust me because I've been in the past Years so played and was always on the safe side. I pay at every casino only 65 € and me  Can assure you that the lifestandard of my family is not Has suffered since my husband died or since I became my job Has given up. On the contrary, our income is as high as never! But the most important thing is that I'm at home with my guys.

Should  You want to use the bonuses that casinos offer you, you can do that. However, it is recommended to use the respective As it usually has limitations on The payment of bonus money. If you do not use the bonuses You only need the customer service (reachable around the clock) Inform you that you do not want the bonus. If you are up Have not yet played with the bonus money, the bonus will immediately  

A few personal words:

What I am still not concerned about the tragic loss My husband. I have not married again - and will Nor even think about it. The children are my life and I am Do all things to be with them, and to give them love They need. They make sense to my life. That is why I wish Every one of you is very lucky - you will certainly get it as far as possible  Like me and many others. Knowing that I have helped so many people makes me happy and strong.

Many Greetings

Hier die Casinos, in denen ich spiele und die besten Ergebnisse erziele.